What is ABA?


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the science of behavior. Behavior analysis is the process of systematically applying a set of principles to evidence based interventions to decrease behaviors that are barriers to learning and increase behaviors that are socially relevant to the individual. 

What does ABA therapy look like?

ABA is a set of principles, not any specific intervention. The evidence-based interventions utilized in "ABA Therapy" apply the principles of ABA. ABA interventions are FUN! We believe strongly that learning should be fun in all environments. As our therapists build relationships with your child, we can contrive a lot of opportunities for engagement. Our goal is to present learning opportunities 1-2 times a minute. 

Therapy targets are based on a skills assessment that is completed before services begin. These goals are outlined in a treatment plan. Treatment plans often include skill acquisition goals and behavior reduction goals, in addition to a recommendation for the quantity of hours of service, parent education, and supervision. Goals often focus on building functional communication skills in order for your child to get their needs met. Some developmental targets might include imitation, early play skills, ready to learn skills, and learning to learn skills.