Center-Based Early Intervention ABA Therapy

Early Intervention ABA Treatment Program

Keene Perspectives provides individualized ABA therapy services that address both skill acquisition and reduction of behaviors that are barriers to learning. Every program is individualized based on an assessment and covers all domains of development including communication, daily living, and social skills. To reduce distressed behaviors that are barriers to learning, we develop and implement a positive behavior support plan that helps teach your child functional communication to help them get their wants and needs met. Our teaching practices are firmly rooted in the science of behavior and we are consistently monitoring progress and use that data to make decisions about future programming goals.

Our treatment program includes direct 1:1 therapy services with  behavior technician, in addition to oversight of the program by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). All of our teaching methodologies are rooted in the science of behavior. We utilize a verbal behavior approach, Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), and Natural Environment Teaching (NET) to support the development of skills that your child will use in their natural environment.