Parent FAQs

1) Do you "do" ABA?

We teach using a variety of evidence based practices that use the principles of applied behavior analysis to increase the acquisition and mastery of new skills and reduce behaviors that are a barrier to learning.

2) Do you provide in-home ABA services?

We do not currently provide in-home ABA services. Please check out other providers in our local area. 

3) What is Keene Perspectives' role on the educational team?

We provide medically necessary ABA therapy that is funded by insurance companies. Funders draw a hard line between medically necessary programming and educationally necessary programming. Due to this hard line, participation on educational teams is not reimbursable. With that said, we believe strongly in wrap-around collaboration across providers, regardless of the funding source, to foster the best possible outcomes for our learners and their families. We are able and excited to attend one annual meeting each year if it works in the schedule and we can always share information with school teams (with a signed release) via phone or email anytime. We are also very open to school team members visiting the clinic to see what ABA therapy looks like. 

4) I have lots of questions about the IEP process, can Keene Perspectives help?

We can share the specific goals and progress we are targeting at Keene Perspectives and that information could be used in the Present Levels of Performance part of the IEP if the team decides to do so. We are always willing to share with the team what we are working on with your child along with the progress they are making. In terms of the IEP and evaluation process, we are not in a position to provide advice or advocacy. We can help connect you with local resources that can help support with regards to IEP development, implementation, and advocacy. 

5) If we aren't able to discuss IEP advice during Parent Meeting time, what can we discuss during that time?

We follow the ASD Practice Guidelines (from the BACB-Behavior Analysis Certification Board) for best practice when assessing your child and creating a treatment plan. One of the most efficient ways to build mastery and fluency of skills is to plan for generalization and teach across settings. Since we are a clinic-based provider instead of a home-based provider, our parent training meetings are critical to support generalization of skills across environments. Insurance funders define this time as follows: "Identifying potential treatment targets and training caregivers to implement treatment protocols designed to address maladaptive behaviors and skill acquisition across settings." Parent training time is meant to support you in supporting your child as they build skills and reduce any problem behavior that may be a barrier to learning. 

6) Can my child's clinician/case manager from Keene Perspectives attend an IEP meeting?

Yes. One annual meeting a year if scheduling allows. If there are other critical team meetings, we can discuss this on a case by case basis. Please ask your child's school team to add us to the meeting notice/warning if they are comfortable with us attending and have it mailed to us at Keene Perspectives PO BOX 1040 White River Junction, VT 05001 or emailed to your child's case manager at Keene Perspectives. This model of collaboration via the school team clarifies our role as part of the team and not attending in an advocacy role.  

7) Are there other providers if you are full?

Yes! Please check out this link to see some other ABA providers in our proximity!