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Early Intervention and After School ABA Intake Process

  1. Parent completes initial interest form
  2. Information/Intake packet sent
  3. Once received, intake will typically be scheduled within 2-4 weeks of receipt of information/intake packet
  4. Intake evaluations are completed at the Keene Perspectives clinical offices and can last up to two hours
  5. Recommendations for programming based on the intake will be sent to parents typically within 4-6 weeks of intake
  6. Once approved by parents, treatment plan sent to insurance for authorization
  7. Clinical team is assembled
  8. Once approved by insurance, a start date for services will be decided

School District Contracts, Workshops & Trainings

  1. School District Staff contacts Keene Perspectives
  2. Conversation about need and level of support
  3. Contract Reviewed by both parties
  4. Once contract is signed, services/training/workshop commences.

After School Social Skills Groups

  1. Parent completes initial interest form

Coming Soon....